Great gift ideas for the filmmaker in your life!
Great gift ideas for the filmmaker in your life!

Welcome to FilmMakerGifts has gift suggestions for the filmmaker/s in your life! Everything from professional tools of the filmmaking trade to simple mobile apps along with some of the best movies made about cinema and filmmaking and course on "How to...". We've compiled this list of gift items that will tell your filmmaker that you support their goal and know your stuff. Price ranges and level of expertise vary so take a look at our suggestions and then give the perfect gift to your filmmaker!

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Tablets are great for visual thinkers and filmmakers are just mobile computing enables them to view movies and surf the internet wherever they are working or vacationing between making films. We also have an idea for its use between shots.
Your filmmaker will certainly appreciate the "touch" technology and the portability however the choices are numerous. Our best recommendation is to consider how your filmmaker will use it . Tablets are great for reading books on how-to-make-films, for viewing and analyzing movies and staying in touch with crew (but phones are good for that too) however, the downside occurs when serious work needs doing. Then it's to the laptop. We still like the iPad because you can buy lots of apps.
Price range
: $$-$$$

Who would like this: Aspiring creatives. Remember, filmmakers are visually oriented.
Purchase iPad from Amazon!

Purchase Kindle Fire from Amazon


Quick_Easy_StoryBoard Quick!StoryBoard Quick 6.1
storyboard software

Before your favorite filmmaker even thinks about setting foot on the set, or pitching an idea to an executive producer, arm them with the power to create a visual plan...even if they can't draw! StoryBoard Quick storyboard software helps filmmakers visualize, brainstorm and organize story ideas before shooting a single shot! Storyboards are the blueprint for movies and a great way to pitch story ideas to find funding. This program is a powerful time, money and resource saver for your filmmaker! Maybe you too have a story idea mulling around. StoryBoard Quick software is great for students or novice filmmakers. Available for Mac addicts and Windows users alike. And speaking of apps, this software has the capability of connecting boards made in an iPhone app to create On-the-Go storyboards [StoryBoard Quick Direct ] The filmmaker's uploads the mobile boards to the desktop to continue working. It's a whole system for boarding.
See the StoryBoard Quick video.

Price range
: $$

Who would like this: Professional and amateurs use these industry leading tools to create, organize, plan shots, pitch ideas and communicate their vision to crew members and potential investors alike.
Purchase StoryBoard Quick storyboard software from PowerProduction Software!

For advanced filmmaker StoryBoard Artist Storyboard Software for making animatic storyboards.


Digital Video

As a rule, we have recommended a small digital video camera as a great and exciting gift to any auteur. But since everyone seems to have a smart phone these days, with built-in high def video cameras, the better idea is what can you do to enhance the process.

But if you're looking for a something to complement the video process, there are numerous Apps for phones that will enhance the filmmaking process. We happen to be more familiar with the iPhone. So we're recommending that you look at iPhone Apps: Pro Camera Guide by Moviola, or pCAM Film+Digital Calculator, both available in the Apple's App Store. You can buy your filmmaker an itunes Gift card at your local grocery store and they can buy it themselves. While you're checking out Apps... here's one we like for playing between setups.

While we're still focusing on the Digital Video, a fun accessory for a filmmaker's iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s is:

Kogeto Dot Panoramic Video Accessory for iPhone 4/4S Camera Adapter

Kogeto Dot Panoramic iPhone Add-onAlong with the Dot add-on lens, the Looker iPhone app is needed to shoot, de-warp and upload videos to Facebook, Twitter, and

The Dot shoots in panoramic mode, but the video looks like a swirling black hole until you de-warp it. Processing the video into watchable video takes a couple minutes. Dot shoots in 360 degrees but has a bit of an audio lag. Available at the Apple Store for approx $79 with the Looker app free to download.

Who would like this: Experimental filmmakers who like to try new styles of visual to enhance their stories.

Price range : $
Purchase Kogeto Dot Panoramic Video Accessory from Amazon!


IndieFlix Gift Subscription

iphone tripod

Bring the Film Festival Experience to your INDIE filmmaker. Is your filmmaker out there doing it on their own? Then they will enjoy a subscription to IndieFlix where they have unlimited on demand access to shorts, documentaries and features for enjoyment and inspiration. Then when they're done with their production, this is a great resource for them to find an audience. To get them familiar with this great site, a simple subscription might be just gift to give them this Holiday Season...with special Holiday Pricing this could be an extra that won't break the gift bank.

Price range : $
Purchase a Holiday gift subscription from IndieFlix!



Movies ABOUT Movies

Looking for something for a writer or director to give them inspiration?! Hollywood has made a number of great movies (now on DVD or download available) about filmmaking and the love of moives. Here's a list of some of our favorites, all of them excellent, and all of them with something to do with the business of making movies. Check out these great titles. Most you can buy on Amazon from the link provided. [Or give them an Apple TV or start a subscription to Netflix or IndieFlix.]

  • Hugo Directed by Martin ScorseseArgo - Argo is a 2012 historical drama thriller film directed by Ben Affleck. This dramatization show how the. CIA and Hollywood pulled off an Audacious Rescue. It will also show your filmaker some other uses for a script and storyboards!
  • Hugo - Martin Scorsese's film was a gift and labor of love to all film lovers. The blue ray version is available at Amazon.
  • Cinema Paradiso- A young boy in a small Italian village makes friends with a movie theatre projectionist and is inspired to make movies.
  • Adaptation- Nic Cage stars in this writer's fantasy
  • Bowfinger - Steve Martin & Eddie Murphy make stealth movies
  • Barton Fink - John Tuturo wraps his mind around a script idea
  • Get Shorty - Humerous Hitman makes a movie
  • The Player - Fear and Loathing in Corporate Hollywood
  • Entourage - HBO's fun and fast series look at the life of a movie star

Price range : $
Who would like this: You and everyone you know! Especially those filmmakers and cinema lovers in your life.


If your filmmaker has children (and needs to keep them busy while editing), or has made a movie for children (and is looking for distribution), you might want to check out


Buy RunningManRedrock Nano RunningMan

The nano RunningMan is a fantastic compact rig for solid, supported shooting with minimal rigging. The Redrock Nano RunningMan is a camera stabilizer which shoots with a steadier hand. Perfect for the director who shoots everything handheld, the RunningMan makes amazingly smooth shots on any terrain. With its compact design you can now have both stability and size on your side. The microBrace body pad, microHandGrip, and optional microFinder loupe accessory deliver 3 points of contact for ultra stable shots in a compact package. Camera not included! Price range : $$ - $$$

Who would like this: Probably a budding director who not only likes to call his/her own shots but take them, too!
Purchase Redrock RunningMan or other such rigs directly from Redrock!


Cinematic Storytelling

&Master Shots Master Shots

If you're looking for a gift for an auteur, or the writer who is turning all-in-one filmmaker, then Jennifer Van Sijll's Cinematic Storytelling teaches the language of cinema which goes beyond dialog while. Master Shots: 100 Advanced Camera Techniques to Get an Expensive Look on Your Low-Budget Movie takes a more visual approach. Either book is great for anyone interested in truly mastering cinematic storytelling and moving beyond YouTube clipmaking.

Both books are available in the Kindle Editions so keep it simple- or add the Kindle and make a great bundle.

Price range : $ with Kindle, $

Who would like this: Anyone who has a script and wants to make it more cinematic or has a script and wants to make the movie tell the story visually!
Purchase Cinematic Storytelling: The 100 Most Powerful Film Conventions Every Filmmaker Must Know from Amazon!
Purchase Master Shots from Amazon!



Red Head Digital Light

Lights! Camera! Action! You've heard the phrase...but you probably focused on the "Action." Before there can be Action, you need lights. And they need to be just right. For the indie director in your family help them get professional lighting in a portable Digital Light package. Depending on how careful you are you can save a little money on your Case Options. Price range: $$

Who would like this: The do-it-yourself Director who's setting up a static location.
Purchase Red Head Light from Amazon



Makin Money iPhone/iPad Game

Makin Money Game to play on film set with other crew membersMakin Money Game to play on film set while waiting between shots

While your filmmaker is waiting on the lighting crew to get set or waiting for the next scene to be set up, he/she can be "Makin Money." We scouted out this fun "time-passing" game for the iPhone or iPad and it can be played against another crew member (silently) in Head to Head games via blue tooth. Players can text-taunt opponents during the game. Both players need the game but it's less than a buck. Only 99 cents.

Makin Money Available in the App StorePrice Range: ¢ (not even $)

Who would like this: Any filmmaker or crew member who has experienced waiting around while others are doing their jobs. It's the answer to "hurry up and wait" boredom. Or any Director: The on-the-set talent would have fun playing against each other and/or the crew. Parent need toys to keep kids busy? Directors need games to keep talent busy!

Purchase Makin Money from the App Store
Makin Money by Big Important Games


Sony Wireless Microphone

Tap, tap, check one...check one, two. Capturing dialog means your filmmaker needs a good microphone package. Wireless Microphone Package from Sony. Package includes a lavalier microphone, bodypack transmitter and portable diversity tuner. Mounting adapter for camcorder included. Suitable for a wide range of applications, from news gathering and interviews to dramatic dialog, talk shows and conferences.So no matter the direction your filmmaker is pursuing, this piece of equipment will help round out their production kit. Price range : $$$

Who would like this: A filmmaker who wants to make "talkies" and not silent or home movies.
Purchase Sony UWPV1 Lavalier Microphone, Bodypack Transmitter & Portable RX Wireless System from Amazon!



Spectra Professional Light Meter

While aspiring filmmakers can only dream of being overexposed, they certainly don't want their film or video to be - when it comes to lighting. Having the right light means having the right end result for your shots and nothing will help you determine that better than the Spectra Professional Light Meter. Compact, accurate and now available in a whole host of fun colors. So you can get a reading on the light while being color coordinated. Price range : $$

Who would like this: Directors and cinematographers who demand perfection when shooting to film.
Purchase Sprectra Professional Light Meter from B&H Photo



The 12 Days of Christmas Gift 2014- ExtravaganzaPNC 12 Day of Christmas Cost Index

If you haven't found a gift yet from this list that fits your requirements and you find that holidays are drawing near, you could take some inspiration from the song. So to give any, or all, of the 12 days of Christmas gifts, each year PNC Bank calculates the price of each item. It's a fun adventure and you can tell it cost PNC Bank a bundle to produce. A filmmaker always appreciates production value.
-SPOILER ALERT- 2014's total isn't out 'til Dec 2 so until then here's last years info.
The total cost of 2013's 12 days of Christmas" gifts is $25,431.18. That's a 4.8% increase over 2011.
2014 data available Dec 2.

Price Range: $$$$+

Happy Holidays!

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